Zocalo Public Square

Santa Monica, CA - 7:00 pm

Read more about the discussion:
Will Mexico Conquer or Conk Out?
Shannon K. O’Neil Sees America’s Southern Neighbor At a Crossroads

Read the piece Shannon wrote in anticipation of her talk at Zocalo Public Square.

Shannon visited Zócalo to discuss how the United States is inextricably united with our southern neighbor, and how geography, history, culture, and economics bind both countries. This is an under-appreciated blessing. Contrary to what you may have heard, Mexico is a booming middle-class country, a stable democracy, and the number-two importer of U.S. goods. Like any marriage, the relationship has issues: immigration, drug violence, and environmental challenges. But the outlook for the partnership forged by NAFTA two decades ago and by millions of people crossing borders for a lot longer is a bullish one, especially if we start appreciating it.

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