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A Primer: Mexico's Energy Reform

Mexico  A Primer: Mexico's Energy Reform

This past December, Mexico passed a historic energy reform that has the potential to fundamentally transform the country’s oil, gas, and electricity sectors. In this brief that I co-authored with...

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Mexico’s Historic Energy Reform

Mexico Mexico’s Historic Energy Reform

Listening to the fireworks for the Virgen de Guadalupe last night from my hotel room in Mexico City, one could have mistaken them for the tumult occurring at the same...

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Argentina's Natural Gas Discoveries

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Mexico Argentina's Natural Gas Discoveries

Last December, Argentina’s major oil and gas company YPF discovered some 4.5 trillion cubic feet of unconventional gas in the southwest province of Neuquén. The find has the potential to totally transform the country’s (and the region’s) energy future. It pushes Argentina’s energy reserves to 774 trillion cubic feet -- making it the third largest provider of natural gas in the world, after the United States and China.

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