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Is Our Relationship With Mexico at the Crossroads?

Immigration Mexico

This past Monday I spoke with Jim Zirin on Digital Age about Mexico’s growing middle class, security situation, and latest telecommunication reform. You can watch the interview here or below....

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Mexico & the United States, Two Nations Indivisible

Mexico United States Mexico & the United States, Two Nations Indivisible

  Mexico and the United States are linked closer than ever through trade, bi-national communities, security concerns, and a shared democratic vision. In this interview with Emerging Markets, I spoke...

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New Era for U.S.-Venezuela Relations?

Venezuela New Era for U.S.-Venezuela Relations?

Much of the discussion surrounding Chavez’s passing has focused on what his absence will mean for Venezuela’s internal politics, but below is my take for the BBC on how it...

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Mexico’s Drug War and the Disappeared

Mexico Mexico’s Drug War and the Disappeared

An often overlooked problem with the so-called “war on drugs” mindset has been the effect on local populations: as military officials or militarized law enforcement officers fight narcotraffickers, they often...

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Mexico Makes It

Mexico United States Mexico Makes It

Four tons of cocaine confiscated by U.S. authorities off the California coast; 35 bodies dumped by the side of a busy Veracruz highway in broad daylight; an attack by gunmen...

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Mexico’s Murder Rate Plateaus

Mexico Mexico’s Murder Rate Plateaus

Last week the Trans-Border Institute’s Justice in Mexico Project released their fourth special report on drug violence in Mexico. These reports (see the 2010, 2011, and 2012 ones too) provide some...

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Transforming Brazil's Favelas

Brazil Transforming Brazil's Favelas

I got the chance last week to visit the Centro Comunitário Lídia dos Santos (or CEACA), an NGO based in the Rio de Janeiro favela of Morro dos Macacos—once the...

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Mexico’s Congressional Agenda for 2013

Mexico Mexico’s Congressional Agenda for 2013

With Enrique Peña Nieto’s first congressional session just starting, expectations are high. Between now and April 30th, when the sixty-second Congress will adjourn, many hope the administration will tackle the...

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Mexico's Democratic Malaise

Mexico Mexico's Democratic Malaise

During Mexico’s 2012 presidential election, many political pundits voiced their fears that the PRI’s return would bring a resurgence of the country’s less democratic past. According to new polling data...

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Refocusing U.S.-Mexico Security Cooperation

Mexico United States Refocusing U.S.-Mexico Security Cooperation

As new administrations in Mexico and the United States start working together next year, I wrote a Policy Innovation Memorandum for CFR on how best to refocus the security relationship....

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