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Latin America’s Middle-Income Trap

Chile Latin America Uruguay Latin America’s Middle-Income Trap

In 2014, GDP growth in the region slowed to less than 1 percent. Expectations for 2015 are just slightly better, with forecasters predicting growth of nearer to 2 percent. The...

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This Year's Presidential Elections in Latin America

Bolivia Brazil Colombia Costa Rica El Salvador Latin America Uruguay This Year's Presidential Elections in Latin America

Earlier this week, Salvadorans headed to the polls to cast their ballots in a presidential runoff election, since on February 2 the candidates failed to reach the 50 percent threshold...

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Latin America’s Economic Outlook

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Latin America Mexico Paraguay Peru United States Uruguay Venezuela Latin America’s Economic Outlook

The recent IMF economic outlook report entitled, “The Western Hemisphere: Rebuilding Strength and Flexibility,” is overall quite bullish on the region. Fueled by favorable commodity prices and plentiful international credit,...

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Latin America’s Growing Middle Class

Argentina Brazil Chile China Colombia Costa Rica General Latin America Mexico Uruguay Latin America’s Growing Middle Class

Nearly across the board, the share of Latin America’s middle has expanded (the exceptions being Argentina, where it shrank and Colombia, where it held steady) over the last two decades.

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