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Fixing Social Security in Latin America (Again)

Argentina Chile Latin America

I recently published this article in the Americas Quarterly policy journal, which was republished in Business Chile. While some in the United States still talk about the introduction of private...

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Investing Remittances

Immigration Latin America Mexico

Much is made in policy circles about the role remittances can play in boosting economic development in Latin America. Proponents point out that the over US$60 billion in remittances that...

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Bolivia visit (part I)

Bolivia Latin America

I am in Bolivia this week. In my meetings so far in La Paz, one common theme is the general support for Evo Morales. While there is significant frustration with...

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The Return of Inflation

Argentina Latin America Venezuela

The one area of real triumph for market-oriented reforms in Latin America was inflation. Unlike the uneven record on poverty, inequality, and economic volatility, structural adjustment and austerity programs of...

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Welcoming Latin America's New Left

Brazil Chile Ecuador Latin America Venezuela

Over the last eighteen months Presidential elections occurred in twelve Latin American countries. While Hugo Chavez and his anti-American tirades grab most of the headlines, these elections actually show the...

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