$1.4 Billion Anti-Drug Plan for Mexico Likely to Win Congressional Approval

Council on Foreign Relations - November 6, 2007

Shannon says Washington’s $1.4 billion multi-year plan to bolster Mexico’s crackdown on drug and criminal rings, while drawing criticism, is likely to win congressional approval.

The Fundamental Flaws of Immigration Reform

The Washington Post - June 1, 2007

Any reform that does not consider both the institutional infrastructure governing immigration and the bigger picture of shifting labor supply and demand ultimately will fail to improve our system.

Is Illegal Immigration a Burden or a Blessing?

To The Point, KCRW - April 12, 2007

The President's latest proposal for immigration reform now includes stepped up border security and tamper-proof ID cards for guest workers. But the road to legal status and citizenship for illegal immigrants still bothers members of both parties--especially Republicans. With immigration reform seemingly stalled this year on Capitol Hill, cities and towns around the country are finding their own ways of dealing with newcomers. We hear about "zero tolerance," with fines for employers and landlords of undocumented workers, and about places revitalized by illegal immigrants, who are opening stores, paying taxes and cooperating with local police.

Not Enough Immigrants

Los Angeles Times - April 5, 2007

As many in Congress, in the media and in homes across the country debate the best way to stem the flow of undocumented workers across the Rio Grande, they don't seem to be aware that this perceived problem is becoming increasingly irrelevant. In fact, the immigration concern of the future could well be how to entice Mexicans and other Latin Americans to cross into the U.S. in the numbers we need.

Shannon O’Neil Says Latin America Tour Part of Bush’s ‘Legacy’

Bloomberg - March 12, 2007

Shannon talks with Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays in New York about U.S. President George W. Bush's five-nation, week-long tour of Latin America and the U.S.'s relationship with countries in the region.

Interview: Bush Looking for Foreign Policy Success on Latin American Trip

The New York Times - March 5, 2007

After virtually ignoring Latin America since 9/11, President Bush is hoping for a “foreign policy success” as he leaves on a five-nation trip starting March 8. But because of his lame-duck status, it will be hard for Bush to achieve very much.

Shannon O’Neil Comments on Chávez’s Nationalization Plans

Bloomberg - January 10, 2007

Shannon spoke with Bloomberg's Michael McKee yesterday in New York about Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's plan to nationalize the country's largest phone company and utilities, gain greater control over the oil industry and seek authority to make laws by executive order.