United States and Mexico Get Down to Business

Marketplace - March 23, 2016

Shannon O’Neil explores economic relations between the United States and Mexico as government officials from both countries meet in Mexico for the annual High Level Economic Dialogue.

Argentina Holdouts Face Deadline on Defaulted Debt

Bloomberg Surveillance - February 29, 2016

Shannon O’Neil examines Argentina’s economic reforms on the deadline for the holdouts to accept the nation’s offer on defaulted debt.

Brazil Falters as Rousseff Fights for Political Life

Bloomberg's What'd You Miss? - December 3, 2015

Shannon O’Neil discusses the state of the Brazilian and Mexican economies.

President Macri and Argentina

Bloomberg Surveillance Radio - November 23, 2015

Shannon O’Neil discusses the challenges President Mauricio Macri faces in Argentina.

Do Trump's Immigration Proposals Make Sense

Conversations in the Digital Age - October 28, 2015

Shannon O’Neil analyzes presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

Latin America v. Citizens United

Foreign Policy - October 7, 2015

Shannon O’Neil explains what Latin America can teach the United States about regulating campaign financing.

Exploring Puerto Rico and the Special Ties Between Mexico and the United States

Latin Pulse - May 26, 2015

Shannon O’Neil delves into the special relationship the United States has developed with Mexico and how trade pacts and economic reforms have brought the countries closer together.

What Does the TPP Mean for Latin America?

Council on Foreign Relations - May 19, 2015

Mexico, Peru, and Chile would benefit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership if their economies can begin to produce more value-added goods in a competitive way, says CFR’s Shannon K. O’Neil.

How the Petrobras Scandal Shows a Microcosm of Brazil

Bloomberg Surveillance - April 24, 2015

Shannon O’Neil discusses corruption at Petrobras and Brazil’s other challenges.

Cuba Remains Divided Ahead of Obama, Castro Meeting

NBC News - April 9, 2015

Shannon O’Neil assesses the likelihood of a meeting between Presidents Obama and Castro during the Summit of the Americas in Panama City.