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Mexico's Midterm Elections

Mexico Mexico's Midterm Elections

Yesterday, Mexicans headed to the polls to vote for 500 federal deputies, 17 state legislatures, 9 governors, and more than 300 mayors. Corruption and security dominated many local discussions. And...

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A Conversation with Enrique Peña Nieto

Mexico A Conversation with Enrique Peña Nieto

Yesterday, President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico joined us at the Council on Foreign Relations as part of the Russel C. Leffingwell Lecture series. In a conversation with Robert Rubin,...

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Dos Naciones Indivisibles on Es la Hora de Opinar

Mexico United States Dos Naciones Indivisibles on Es la Hora de Opinar

Two weeks ago, I was down in Mexico for the launch of the Spanish-language version of my book, Dos Naciones Indivisibles: México, Estados Unidos, y el Camino por Venir. During my...

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Immigration Reform Is Dead, Precisely When We Need It Most

El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Immigration Latin America Mexico Immigration Reform Is Dead, Precisely When We Need It Most

With Eric Cantor’s loss earlier this week, most believe immigration reform is dead. Yet with tens of thousands of Mexican and Central American children flooding across the U.S. southern border,...

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Mexico Energy Talks

Mexico Mexico Energy Talks

I recently had the opportunity, along with Vianovo’s James Taylor,  to chat with Mexican Congressman Javier Treviño, one of the country’s energy reform leaders. We focused on what investors and...

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Mexico as a Global Player

Mexico United States Mexico as a Global Player

Last week, Foreign Affairs hosted a full day conference on Mexico, to talk about the country as a regional and global player. Panel topics included U.S.-Mexico cooperation, bilateral trade, regional...

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A Primer: Mexico's Energy Reform

Mexico  A Primer: Mexico's Energy Reform

This past December, Mexico passed a historic energy reform that has the potential to fundamentally transform the country’s oil, gas, and electricity sectors. In this brief that I co-authored with...

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Two Decades of U.S.-Mexico Relations

Mexico United States

I had the great privilege of joining Eric Farnsworth, Vice President of the Council of the Americas and Americas Society, and Nelson Cunningham, President of McLarty Associates, yesterday at NDN for a...

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Good Neighbors

Canada Mexico United States Good Neighbors

President Obama will meet tomorrow with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper for the North American Leaders’ Summit. The three leaders will take a look...

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North America's Economic Integration

Canada Mexico United States North America's Economic Integration

Alan Berube and Joseph Parilla at the Brookings Institution recently published a report on the impressive amount of North American regional trade (with a great interactive that traces exports and...

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