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Mexico Makes It

Mexico United States Mexico Makes It

Four tons of cocaine confiscated by U.S. authorities off the California coast; 35 bodies dumped by the side of a busy Veracruz highway in broad daylight; an attack by gunmen...

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Mexico’s Murder Rate Plateaus

Mexico Mexico’s Murder Rate Plateaus

Last week the Trans-Border Institute’s Justice in Mexico Project released their fourth special report on drug violence in Mexico. These reports (see the 2010, 2011, and 2012 ones too) provide some...

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Mexico's Drug War

Mexico United States

In the past three decade Mexico has undergone widespread political and economic transformations, becoming an electoral democracy and cultivating a growing middle class. Despite this real progress, Mexico faces an...

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Mexico’s Congressional Agenda for 2013

Mexico Mexico’s Congressional Agenda for 2013

With Enrique Peña Nieto’s first congressional session just starting, expectations are high. Between now and April 30th, when the sixty-second Congress will adjourn, many hope the administration will tackle the...

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Mexico's Democratic Malaise

Mexico Mexico's Democratic Malaise

During Mexico’s 2012 presidential election, many political pundits voiced their fears that the PRI’s return would bring a resurgence of the country’s less democratic past. According to new polling data...

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Think Again: Immigration

Immigration Latin America Mexico United States Think Again: Immigration

President Obama outlined his vision yesterday in Las Vegas for a comprehensive immigration reform, officially kicking off what will undoubtedly be a heated countrywide debate. With so many differing (and...

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Guest Post: Rafael Correa’s Smooth Road to Victory

General Guest Post: Rafael Correa’s Smooth Road to Victory

This is a guest post by Stephanie Leutert, a research associate here at the Council on Foreign Relations who works with me in the Latin America program. In less than...

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Kirchners' New Economic Populism

General Kirchners' New Economic Populism

Argentina is known for its populists leaders, as well as spectacular economic booms and busts. Yet looking at the economic data of the last fifty years, successive governments have, perhaps...

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What to Watch in 2013: Latin America’s Presidential Elections

Chile Ecuador Honduras Paraguay Venezuela What to Watch in 2013: Latin America’s Presidential Elections

Last year Mexico, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic held presidential elections, leading to some of the region’s biggest news stories of the year: the PRI’s return to power and the...

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Looking Back at 2012: Latin America's Economic Development

China European Union Latin America United States Looking Back at 2012: Latin America's Economic Development

Looking back at the past year, many of the posts on Latintelligence touch on the region’s economic development, and its trade and investment ties with the rest of the world....

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