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Latin America’s Ninis

Belize Colombia Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Latin America Mexico Nicaragua Panama Peru United States Latin America’s Ninis

18 million Latin Americans—1 in 5 of those between the ages of 15 and 24—neither work nor attend school. Commonly dubbed “ninis” (ni estudian ni trabajan), a new World Bank...

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Latin America’s Middle Class

Argentina Brazil Latin America Mexico Venezuela Latin America’s Middle Class

The first decade of the 21st century was a good one for Latin America. A recent Pew Research Center report estimates that some 63 million individuals entered the middle class,...

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Political and Economic Lessons from Democratic Transitions

Mexico Political and Economic Lessons from Democratic Transitions

My colleagues in CFR’s Civil Societies, Markets, and Democracy Initiative have just released a new book, Pathways to Freedom: Political and Economic Lessons From Democratic Transitions, which highlights eight countries’...

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Brazil's Stability is Success

Brazil Brazil's Stability is Success

In the most recent July/August issue of Foreign Affairs, many people including Richard Lapper, Larry Rohter, Ronaldo Lemos, and myself respond to Ruchir Sharma’s May/June article “Bearish on Brazil,” which...

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Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Worth the Price?

Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Latin America Mexico Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Worth the Price?

In the economic development world, one of Latin America’s claims to fame are its conditional cash transfer programs (CCTs), which provide direct money transfers to low-income families who send their...

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American Foreign Policy: Regional Perspectives

Latin America United States American Foreign Policy: Regional Perspectives

In May 2009 I participated in a workshop entitled “American Foreign Policy: Regional Perspectives” sponsored by the Naval War College.

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Mexico's Oportunidades comes to New York

Brazil Mexico

Last week Mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled to Mexico City, Tepoztlan, and Toluca to view their premier anti-poverty program, named Oportunidades. Bloomberg is launching a similar conditional cash-transfer system in New...

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